SHORT FILMS:Learn the art and craft of film-making

By Tanmay Shah

Date : 26th November, 2016, Saturday 10:00 AM

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1) What are short films?

The aim of this workshop is to make audience think from the perspective of the venture capitalists to come up with groundbreaking business ideas. The course will be delivered along with slides. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own insights, making it a highly interactive session. Session overview will be as follows

  • Why short films are catching up the current video market
  • Examples of few concepts that went viral
  • How to write something that can go viral
2) How to convert your Ideas into Scripts
  • What the ways of converting Ideas into scripts
  • What are the rules of writing a script
  • What are the rules of writing a script that sells
3) How to convert Scripts into Screenplays
  • What is a screenplay
  • What are the parameters on which a great screenplay is judged
  • How to write a screenplay
4) Practice session on story-boarding
  • The rules of a story-board
  • Practical photography session after the story-board
  • Differentiating the do's and the don’ts
  • Locking the story board for shoot schedule
5) Being aware with camera and equipment

6) What is post-production?


Tanmay Shah, Founder and CEO of FridayFictionFilms, is a techie turned film maker who holds a Golden Book Of World Record, Asia Book Of Record and India Book Of Record in making 52 short films in 52 weeks in a year. '52FilmsProject' brought together the trend-setting example of zero-budget filmmaking, art of creative thinking and practicing agile execution in short films.

A former Research Associate from IIT-Bombay, Tanmay left his job to make films. His documentary work on saltpan workers of Gujarat has won best short documentary award in 7 international film festivals in 2016. Currently, he is writing a feature film on a distinct culture persistent in Ahmedabad.

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