Marketing Communication: Story Telling For Influence

By Varun Satia, Kraftshala

Date : 27th November, 2016, Sunday 10:00 AM

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According to the English poet and philosopher Samuel Coleridge, enjoyment of fiction requires a “willing suspension of disbelief”. He seems to suggest it's a conscious decision. But if the story is powerful, if the teller has craft, the suspension of disbelief just happens to us, whether we are aware of it or not. Is it any surprise that storytelling is now regarded as the most effective way of communication?

Capturing insights from the greatest brands in business, politics and society, this workshop helps participants grasp techniques to connect, engage and persuade their audience through powerful narratives. Whether you are marketing a product, launching a new environmental campaign, or sitting for a job interview, this is one workshop that’s going to come in super-handy!


Varun Satia is the Founder & Director of Kraftshala, a pioneering training firm for creating the marketing and sales leaders of tomorrow. He has helped to create powerful stories for brands across food, e-commerce, and lifestyle, including the iconic Maggi Noodles, Sauces and Kit Kat chocolates

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