Creating Successful Social Organizations

By Gloria Benny and Sujith Varkey

Date : 25th November, 2016, Friday 10:00AM

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Every one of us has always yearned for giving back to the society in one way or other. However, when it comes to a career choice, most of us are bound to choose a career with a decent earning assuming that the social sector is for the large-hearted individuals. The organizer of the session has also been one of us. However, her experiences over the years in the social sector has made her understand the art of not just creating sustainable social organizations, but also the ability to create successful social organizations, that not only give back to the society but can also give a part back to the investors.

The workshop will allow you to learn from Gloria Benny's life experiences about simple and creative ways to create social impact in your own small and big ways. You will also get to hear from another expert in the sector who will be accompanying Gloria Benny for a panel discussion on the topic.


Gloria Benny is a social entrepreneur and a champion for vulnerable children. She has over 10 years experience in the social sector with her first non-profit organization being set up while in college - which is now one of India's largest youth volunteer networks. Her experiences while working with vulnerable children in orphanages/street shelters fueled her resolve that better quality inputs during childhood result in better adult outcomes which in turn creates a more inclusive socio-economic growth. With this vision, she has set up her second social venture - Guardians of Dreams - which aims to ensure that every child should receive the care, resources, and support to achieve positive adult outcomes through a participatory model that mobilizes resources through community-based programs.

She has received both national and international recognition for her work. She met and received special recognition & mention during Michelle Obama's visit to India in Nov, 2010. In 2014, she was selected to represent India at the launch of the Queen’s Young Leaders Program and in 2016, she has been recognized by Outlook Business as an unconventional entrepreneur under their 'Outstanding Women' series. ᐧ

Sujith Varkey is co founder of two social sector organizations that work on issues relating to children. His first non-profit organization which he co founded while still in college Make A Difference grew to become one of India's largest youth volunteer networks and contributed significantly to building a culture of volunteering among the Indian youth.

Being a lawyer by training, he is passionate about building effective models in the development sector that contribute to inclusive socio-economic growth. He believes that social sector organizations need to focus on building sustainable and participatory models to solve complex socio-economic problems. With this conviction, he has set up his second non-profit organization called Guardians of Dreams that aim to build capacities in research, intervention design and implementation at scale to ensure positive adult outcomes for vulnerable children

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