By Mr. Arvind Mathur

Date : 26th November, 2016, Saturday 04:30 PM

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Ever wondered what goes into the minds of venture capitalists when new ideas are pitched to them by budding entrepreneurs?

The aim of this workshop is to make audience think from the perspective of the venture capitalists to come up with groundbreaking business ideas. The course will be delivered along with slides. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own insights, making it a highly interactive session. Session overview will be as follows

  • Concept of Venture & Angel Capital
  • Leading Venture Capital Funds
  • Investment Criteria of Venture Capital Funds
  • Structure & Life-Cycle of Venture Capital Funds
  • Case Studies of Successful VC Investments in India, China, and US


Mr. Arvind Mathur is a pioneer of private equity and venture capital in the Asia-Pacific region and has over 25 years' global experience in private equity, venture capital, IPOs, mergers & acquisitions and investments. As the President of Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (IVCA), he works closely with leaders like KKR, Sequoia, HDFC Property, TVS Capital, Barings and many other funds, to promote best practices in private equity, buyouts and venture capital and helps bring about reforms.

Arvind is the Chairman of Private Equity Pro Partners, a boutique firm which provides advice and professional development in private equity and venture capital. While at the Asian Development Bank, he helped bring major institutional investors to Asia and led a team of multinational professionals in managing a portfolio of direct investments and over 30 private equity and venture capital funds. At Citi he helped structure a US $ 1 billion private equity fund.

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