Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is an institution born out of beliefs and values of the great visionary and scientist, Dr.Vikram Sarabhai. Founded in 1961,the Institute today looks back proudly on its legacy and achievements of half a century.



Unarguably ranked among the best management education institutions in India, IIM Ahmedabad has also achieved venerable prestige globally, with the Economist ranking the flagship PGP program as being among the best in the world. The contribution of the Institute in nurturing young business leaders and creating the visionaries of tomorrow, hardly need a mention.

Year after year, the student passing out of the hallowed portals of IIM Ahmedabad have proved their mettle in some of the finest and most challenging corporations across the world.

IIM Ahmedabad today is an established symbol of excellence, discipline and rigor in management education. With the Economist rating its intensive selection procedure as the toughest in the world, the Institute’s commitment to maintaining high standards can hardly be doubted. The 420 odd students in the current batch are exposed to a varied pedagogy with case-based learning at its epicenter. The case method is designed to expose the students to real-life scenarios faced by corporates, thereby taking education beyond mere rote learning and encouraging analytical thinking, rational decision making and focused hard work.

The courses are designed to enable participants to quickly react to the rapidly changing businesses faced by corporations today while keeping in mind the effects on all stakeholders, thereby ensuring that only the most optimal decisions are taken.


Confluence is the Annual Management Symposium of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). Over the past sixteen years, Confluence has evolved to become a platform that brings together industry leaders, budding entrepreneurs, inspiring personalities, and motivated students to discuss, debate and re-think business and society. The summit occupies a much prided position in the calendars of the managerial intelligentsia worldwide and attracts participation from prominent industry leaders and students from over 500 schools and colleges with a footprint of over 15000 participants nationally and internationally.

Confluence is structured to comprise competitive events across various spheres such as Finance, Marketing, Policy, Strategy, Operations and Flagship domains-giving away a prize pot of Rs.20 lakhs; exclusive workshops by renowned IIMA faculty and speaker sessions on various themes. The business summit centres around an over-arching theme each year – The theme for Confluence 2014 is “Blueprint of Indian Renaissance" in the context of a new paradigm that has emerged for businesses across sectors and geographies – with the historic focus on development, political stability and bureaucratic efficiency.

Over the years, Confluence has been graced by esteemed speakers like Mr Mukesh Ambani, Mr K M Birla, Mr Kishore Biyani, Mr Deep Kalra, Mr JJ Irani, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, Dr Rangarajan, Mr Vinod Rai, Ms Anu Aga, Mr Harsha Bhogle et al. The speaker is always star studded and all the participants really look forward to it.

Confluence 2015

Confluence aspires to be a global platform for exchange of ideas from all forms of organized life. We intend to facilitate the exchange by conducting engaging workshops, speaker sessions with stalwarts, exciting competitions and last but not the least, informative panel discussions.

Our workshops will enable participants to experience managerial life hands-on in different walks of life and savour enjoyable moments of decision making. We strongly believe that the journey is more important than the result and hence want to make an enjoyable 3 days that build towards an awesome experience that leaves a wonderful thought with our participants to think about for the next one year!

Our speaker series will be designed to showcase eminent thoughts from different spheres of life - ranging from basic economics to sports management! We intend to have at least one speaker session that inspires people to engage with us!

Our competitions will be a motley of events ranging from quizzes, essay writing to managing marketing campaigns while managing your own business. Each event will focus on bringing the competitors' attention to a social issue relevant to our current context and and encouraging innovative ways of solving it!

Our panel discussions shall be designed to engage people from all walks of life to share their thoughts and exchange their ideas and perspectives in the process. We wish to create a platform that breaks barriers, promotes collaboration to find new ways of building teams and taking up new challenges!

Last but not the least, all this is possible because of a wonderful team we have in place. We are organized like a start-up, and have 0 committees. True to the spirit of Confluence, we foster an environment that facilitates free exchange of ideas. We have the most diverse team on campus that synergizes like clockwork to build on ideas and make awesome events out of them. We challenge each other to bring out the best in the team. This enables to shape our events in such a manner that both organizers and participants get maximum learning and value add out of them.