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Ad   Quotient


  • Minimum team size 2
  • Maximum team size 3

Develop an advertisement for a firm right from its creative brief to a social media campaign. Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding. It is what gives life to messages about products and services that may otherwise be boring or insignificant in the hearts and minds of target customers. Ad quotient is one such event that tests the creative juices of the participants.


  • A team will consist of max. 3 members.
  • All members of a team should be from same institute.
  • A student cannot be a part of more than 1 team.
  • There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute.
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with Confluence team.
  • The format and rules of events are subject to change before the start of the event
  • Teams selected for the final round shall be partially reimbursed for travel
  • Participation in all the rounds necessary to claim any of the prizes.


  • Registration start date 17th October 2016
  • Registration end date 5th November 2016
  • First-round submission deadline 7th November 2016


Stage 1

The first round is an online elimination round in which participating teams need to choose from a product/service and prepare a creative brief/print ad for the chosen product. The problem statement will be sent to the registered teams. Please email your submissions to a15ayushr@iima.ac.in

Stage 2

Top 6 teams form stage 1 will qualify to stage 2. The selected teams would be working for a start-up with a newly launched product, for which they need to come up with marketing strategy/campaign or solve an ailing business problem for them.


First Prize – INR 30,000 Second Prize – INR 20,000 Winner of the First Round – INR 5,000


Ayush Rastogi