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Campaign For a Cause


  • Minimum team size 2
  • Maximum team size 4

The event aims to promote and award substantial student activity at the ground level in raising awareness and being an effective change with respect to social issues like alcohol abuse, child labour etc.
Objective: To promote and reward student activities regarding social causes, which cause perceptible effect on the targeted population.


  • The members of team cannot be from different institutes.
  • A student cannot be part of more than one team.
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with Confluence team.
  • The format and rules of events are subject to change before the start of the event
  • There is no limit to the number of teams participating from an institute.
  • Teams selected for the final round will be partially reimbursed for travel.
  • Participation in all the rounds necessary to claim any of the prizes.


  • Registration start date: 15th Oct
  • Registration end date: 27th Oct
  • First-round quiz date: 27th Oct
  • First-round result declaration date: 30th Oct
  • Second round starts 3rd Nov
  • Second round ppt submission: 10th Nov
  • Second-round result declaration: on or before 15th Nov
  • Final round – During Confluence 2016


Round 1

This will be an objective-type quiz on dare2compete. This is an online elimination round. The teams will be judged on the basis of number of questions answered correctly. The quiz will contain questions ranging from easy to difficult level and each questions will be allocated point according to their difficulty level.

Round 2

Participants are expected to submit a 400 words executive summary on a social/public policy issue. For reference, a non-exhaustive list of issues will be given to the participants. If they wish to choose a topic that is not there in the list, they need to take prior permission from the organizers. The submission will be accepted as emails to p15aakashg@iima.ac.in The submissions will be judged on the basis of comprehensiveness of the analysis of the issue and understanding of the problem.

Final Round

The shortlisted teams will have to run a campaign for an issue. It can be the same issue for which they have sent the executive summary or on something else. The participants are expected to visit NGOs dedicated to their cause and have a grass root level understanding of the issue. The teams will furnish the learnings and evidence of their visits to the field/NGO. They are then expected to run a campaign, in the way they like, for about 1 week and raise awareness for the issue.

During Confluence, participants have to give a presentation about their learnings and how they campaigned for the issue. The campaigns will be judged by the ground level activity, learnings, understanding of the issue, relevance of the campaign, among other things that has been done and the impact it has created.


First Prize – INR 30,000 Second Prize – INR 20,000 Winner of the First Round – INR 5,000


Aakash Gupta