Upcoming Events

Clash Of The Imperialists

An event that allows you to not just own a country, but buy and sell it as you wish to gain maximum returns. The event unfolds to more challenging and interesting complexities that would leave you enthralled

EVENT format

Round 1 : Online Quiz

This is an elimination round. The quiz will have general economics and situation based questions.

The quiz will have 25 questions.

Quiz Duration : 30 minutes

Quiz Date : Will be communicated soon!

Rules and Regulations

  • Team Size : Maximum 3 .
  • All team members should be from the same college.
  • Time limit : 30 minutes.
  • The quiz will have 5 starred questions which will carry a higher weightage. These questions will be used as tie breaker.
  • The teams qualified for the final round will be mailed individually.
Round 2 : On- campus event

Details to be announced later.

Event Head : Athira Asokan