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International Case Masters


  • Team size 1 or 2

Through this event, we hope to attract anyone who has ever wondered how cases are written and wanted to try hand at it. Confluence shall provide a platform where support and guidance will be given to enhance the quality of their output. Participants would be helped at various stages of the case writing in asynchronous and synchronous modes. In a way, this shall be a blend of a free case writing workshop and a competition.


  • Entries will be accepted from a team of 2 members at the maximum. Both members of the team should be from the same institute. Single person entries are allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on specialization or year of study for participating students
  • A student cannot be a part of more than one team
  • There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with Confluence team.
  • The format and rules of events are subject to change before the start of the event
  • Teams selected for the final round shall be partially reimbursed for travel
  • Participation in all the rounds necessary to claim any of the prizes.


  • Registration Starts – 17.10.2016
  • Registration Ends – 05.11.2016
  • Deadline for Round 1 Submission – 07.11.2016
  • Deadline for Round 2 Submission – 20.11.2016


Round 1

Abstract Submission – Deadline: November 5, 2016
Two case leads (400 word limit) describing the case’s main actor and the decision making situation in which s/he is placed and the learning that could be derived from the full case. Critical case facts such as the organizational and industry context, time lines and other relevant details should be spelt out. A short profile of the author(s) (50 word limit per author) should be submitted. The team must also submit a document (not exceeding 400 words) explaining about the reason to choose a particular problem, its significance in the context of industry, what concept they want to teach through this case, the methodology/flow that they intend to follow, uniqueness of the problem and how the learnings form the case would help students in future
Submission Guidelines-
File Naming Convention-
Abstract- Abstract_ICM__
Introduction- Intro_ICM__
Kindly e-mail your submissions to Arnav Pareek (p16arnavp@iima.ac.in) 8511104152/ Soumyo Mitra (9810146474)

Round 2

Case Draft and Analysis Submission – Deadline: November 20, 2016
The complete Case has to be submitted at this stage which should adhere to the following rules:
It should not exceed 10 pages of narrative and it can have a maximum of 5 additional pages of exhibits and bibliography.
It should include some/all the elements like business description, products & services, sales & marketing, financials, operations, Human Resource, Strategy etc.
It should be based on primary or secondary research on a real company in a real business scenario
It should be usable for teaching purposes in management and executive training programs
The case should not have been published elsewhere, submitted for publication or used in other competitions (including Confluence)
If the case includes proprietary information about an organization, authors must get legal approval from the organization to submit case for the competition and subsequent public distribution.
A detailed case analysis (1000 word limit) is also to be submitted. It should:
Highlight the key case facts and analyze the situation on hand
Identify two to five key problems, their symptoms, causes & business implications
Uncover possible solutions and evaluate them
Recommendations and calculations
Kindly e-mail your submissions to Arnav Pareek (p16arnavp@iima.ac.in) 8511104152/ Soumyo Mitra (9810146474)

Final Round

Case Presentation – At Confluence 2016
The teams would be called upon to make a detailed PowerPoint presentation to a jury. Judging at all levels would be done by the IIMA Faculty


First Prize – INR 30,000 Second Prize – INR 20,000 Winner of the First Round – INR 5,000


Ayush Rastogi