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Stock   Maniac


  • Team size : 2 members

A team-based trade simulation game where teams fight it out to get the maximum value of their portfolio in classic trading pit style. There are just two rules here. Rule number 1 - Never lose money. Rule number 2 - Never forget Rule number 1!


  • All members of a team should be from the same institute.
  • A student cannot be part of more than one teams
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with Confluence team.
  • The format and rules of events are subject to change before the start of the event
  • There is no limit to the number of teams participating from an institute.
  • Teams selected for the final round will be partially reimbursed for travel.
  • 8 teams will be shortlisted after the quiz round for the Final round to be held at IIMA.


  • Registration start date -15th Oct’2016
  • Registration end date – 24th Oct’2016
  • First-round quiz date: 24th Oct 2016
  • First-round result declaration date: 1st Nov 2016


Round 1

First round would be conducted on the Dare2Compete platform. Total number of questions: 20 Time limit: 20 minutes In this objective-type test, the questions will cover the topic related to finance, trading, valuation, portfolio, risk management, etc. This is an online elimination round. The teams will be judged on the basis of the Total Score obtained.

Final Round

On-campus Round - Teams have to manage their portfolios and obtain the maximum value out of it. The simulation will be on the online trading platform. Team will be judged on the value of their portfolio and also the strategy which they have used to maximise the value. There would be heavy weightage for the strategy which the team have used.


First Prize – INR 30,000 Second Prize – INR 20,000 Winner of the First Round – INR 5,000


Rahul Awadhiya
Udit Agarwal
Farman Menon