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An event specifically designed for participants to brainstorm and bring innovative ideas about the functioning of an NGO.


  • To apply managerial concepts to solve live problems of not-for-profit non-governmental organisations.
  • To test the teams’ understanding of the issues, various stakeholders and possible alternatives.
  • To select and alternative and a plan of action for the same keeping in mind the feasibility.


  • A team will consist of 3 members; one of them would be the team leader.
  • This event is open to all students and student organisations working in similar fields.
  • Students of all specializations are applicable for the same.
  • Team members can be students of 1 st year, 2nd year or a mix of both.
  • A student cannot be a part of more than one team.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams from a particular institute.
  • Teams selected for the 2nd round will be partially reimbursed for their travel.

EVENT format

Round 1

This will be an online elimination round. Registered teams will be given a problem of an NGO and the teams will have to come up with a solution. The solutions will be checked on the basis of understanding the various dimensions of the problem, feasibility of the solution in terms of implementation and sustainability.

The teams will have to submit a pdf (not exceeding 500 words, Font: Times New Roman and Size 10) & a PPT (not exceeding 10 slides).

3 teams will be shortlisted for the 2nd (Campus round).

last date: 10th October 2015 time: 23:59:59
Round 2

The top 3 teams from the first round will be allotted to a different NGO. Each NGO will have a different problem. The NGO’s are based out of Ahmedabad and the teams are free to contact them telephonically. On the day of the Campus round the teams shall be given a 1 hour slot with the NGO at their premises. They can discuss the issue and feasibility of their proposed solutions. Later in the day the teams are expected to make a presentation (not exceeding 12 min) followed by 3 min for questions.

Prize Money

1st Prize - 50,000 INR 2nd Prize - 30,000 INR
Indu R
Sajal Jain